We are a full service media research, planning and placement agency based in Washington, DC. We serve a select group of political, issue/advocacy, and commercial clients.

Our Services

Strategic Media Services is a full-service media research, planning and placement firm. We serve political, issue/advocacy and commercial clients who require speed, precision, accountability, and results.

Our Research

We use both qualitative and quantitative research tools that provide an in-depth knowledge of a target audience’s media consumption habits. We have years of experience with National, Inside-the-Beltway, and local market campaigns which allows us to apply research findings to make the most informed and appropriate media decisions.

About Us

Founded in 1996 to serve the needs of clients with politically-charged issues, Strategic Media Services provides media research, planning and placement services with an eye for targeting and cost, but most importantly effective results. We pride ourselves on our personal, client-centric approach to business that emphasizes quality and responsiveness